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Choosing a location to live is one of the most important life decisions you will make.

New Base New Life assists you in finding the best place to move to in the UK based on your needs - providing a single platform for information on schools, commutes, the property market, crime, broadband, diversity and more. Imagine finding your dream location without scouring multiple websites or piecing together scattered information - that is what New Base New Life offers and is why thousands of people use our website every day.

We charge a small fee to access more advanced information and statistics. Some example benefits of premium access:

  1. Discover in-depth property market data, including specific house prices and trends, to help you make informed decisions about your next move.
  2. No limit on results when searching for locations based on criteria such as your commute.
  3. Access detailed England Primary & Secondary school data such as parent reviews and Ofsted ratings, to ensure you make the best choice for your family's education.

  4. Access premium blog posts such as Where to live if you commute to London Waterloo and premium location lists such as Our Recommended UK Locations and Top locations by % of residents in high-income jobs.
  5. Unlock location details such as crime levels, the ethnicity of residents and the types of employment local residents have.
  6. Compare the details and statistics of two locations in one single view.
  7. Access to AInsley, our AI chatbot who can generate ideas on places to live*. You can give her extremely specific requirements such as 'Can you recommend places to live for a professional family who want to move out of London - one of us needs to commute to London Bridge and the other the City. We don't like to commute for more than 60 minutes. Our property budget is around £800k for ideally a detached house. We want a good range of primary schools available in the area. We'd love to live near the coast'.
  8. You will of course also have access to all the other/free features, such as resident reviews (where available).

  9. Make the most informed decision about where to live by accessing all our data in one place. Say goodbye to searching for information on multiple websites and streamline your decision-making process.

Unlock our premium content and gain a deeper understanding of your desired location. You'll have 2 months of access to all our exclusive statistics and insights with just one payment. Join our community of savvy home-buyers and discover the hidden gems of the UK.

Feel free to contact us with questions: support@newbasenewlife.co.uk

FAQ (or find more information here)

What am I buying?

You're buying access to more advanced information and statistics on each location, for example, more in-depth school details (previous Ofsted reviews, parent reviews, etc) and access to our hand-picked recommended locations.

OK, I want access - how does it work?

We wanted to keep things as easy as possible, so you don't even require a login. Once you've made the one-off payment, you will immediately be given a code. All you have to do is enter the code onto the page you're viewing, and access will be unlocked. We are only a small business so we use Gumroad, a global e-commerce platform, to take payment (and provide refunds if required), to ensure everything is safe and secure.

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*There is a limit on the use of AInsley within the 2-month pass and it will stop working when use has been exceeded.

This product is not currently for sale.

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2 Months Access to New Base New Life (Premium)